The Power of Scent and the New Customer Experience

Find out how scent can enhance the customer experience

Customers expect more than ever from their retail brands. With Premium Scenting you can give your business a multi-sensory advantage. By harnessing the power of scent you create a welcoming atmosphere that inspires brand loyalty and offers your customers a unique and memorable buying experience.

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Multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience and drives brand loyalty. Experience the tangible business benefits of Premium Scenting including:

  • Adding scent to a store can increase intent to purchase by 80%
  • 85% of customers like to touch and feel before they buy
  • 74% of people have been drawn into a store by an inviting smell
  • 73% of people say that smell triggers an instantaneous memory or feeling ranked higher than any other sense about a store
  • 90% of consumers will speed up their browsing or simply walk out of your business if met with a smell they don?t like
  • Scent marketing can lengthen in-store stay by 54%